Interview Preparation

Key things to consider when preparing for an interview

Interview Preparation

Research the company (what they do, in the news, funding, headcount, research the interviewer on LinkedIn, any international presence)
Go over the JD in detail - and know why you are applying, client’s love to ask “why us?”
Ask the recruiter any questions you have at all
Think of examples of similar duties/responsibilities/tasks you’ve done before that are relevant to the role
Research the industry sector and know your reasons why you want to work in it


Be friendly and positive
Remember to listen as well as speak
Be presentable
Be prepared to sell yourself into the role and the company
Be prepared with questions about the role and the company. Example of a good question to ask at the end “do you have any reservations at this stage about my application?”

Task/Presentation/Role Play

Review as soon as you receive it so you know how long to allocate to do it
Practice (if a roleplay)
Make sure you’re in a quiet place with good signal/wifi if it’s not face to face Prepare to nail your next video interview
Be prepared to take notes