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How to tackle unconscious bias when hiring for a startup

Simply put, unconscious bias is something everyone has because of the way we process information and assign meaning to something in a split second. This results in a variety of biases based on factors such as appearance, similarity, familiarity, and other criteria our brains use to categorise things.

Join the conversation in our HealthTech Product Professionals group

We’ve recently launched our HealthTech Product Professionals group on LinkedIn, bringing together industry experts from across the globe involved in the design and creation of digital products within HealthTech and Life Sciences.

How to maximise the benefits of your contract workforce

Given the recent uncertainty of the job market in the face of COVID-19, the future of what working life looks like has everyone guessing. There appears to be some agreement that flexible working is here to stay and the traditional 5-day week in an office has had its day, but what about the structure of employment?

Prepare to nail your next video interview

Whilst remote working continues to be the norm, anyone interviewing for a job in the next 6 – 12 months will most likely be doing it via a video call. Nothing beats in-person, face to face contact for rapport buildi…

How to onboard remotely & increase staff retention

Onboarding is the process of integrating new employees with your business. Helping them to understand the culture, values and practices that will allow them to become an effective member of the team.

The benefits and perks candidates will value most post-COVID19

When it comes to benefits and perks, startups have always been creative in what they offer candidates in addition to their basic salary. Equity and shares are often used to attract people who will contribute greatly to the success of a business, benefits such as "unlimited" holiday are used to signal generosity for staff and images of weekly team pizza are all over social media.

Five components for a healthy remote working culture

100% remote working. Some companies have been doing this successfully for years with headcounts in the hundreds (Zapier comes to mind) but for the majority, it was thrust upon them earlier this year because of global lockdown measures.

4 steps to avoid a remote hiring headache

Whether you’re considering recruiting remote workers or planning to have everyone back under one roof, if you’re going to be hiring over the coming months you’ll need to do so remotely.

Working from Home with Young Children – A Survival Guide

Anyone who’s found themselves plunged into working from home whilst self-isolating from the COVID-19 virus with pre-school aged children will agree that this is one challenge you weren’t prepared for in your daily work life.

5 quick CV fixes in under 5 minutes

It can be a real headache finding quality CV advice, it seems everyone and their dog had posted something about the topic!

4 Key Things to Consider When Making your First Hires

Along with making your first sale or landing your first customer/client, one of the most exciting milestones for a new startup is making your first hire. Finally, someone else will be joining you, helping to make the dream of your future success a reality by putting in the hours and hard work to realize your goals.

How to Engage Remote Workers With Your Business

I often hear concerns that remote working doesn't work, that unless you have your people around you, they won’t be engaged, won’t foster the company’s culture and values, or perhaps won’t even do a full day’s work.

3 things to consider when negotiating salary with a new employer

Discussing salaries with a potential new employer shouldn't fill you with dread. If you're at the stage where you’re being asked about figures, there’s a good chance that the employer is starting to consider the possibility of making you an offer. Whilst this part of the candidate/employer exchange often intimidates people you can navigate it easily if you’ve done your homework.

5 key tips for writing a killer job ad

If you’ve ever written more than a few job ads for your business, you may find that after awhile they can start to sound the same and you could fall into the trap of developing a template that you continually roll out without thinking about the content. Run through our checklist and see how your current adverts stack up!

Why using a specialist recruitment agency will always benefit your business

The demise of the recruitment industry has been forecast for as long as I can remember, with companies developing in-house teams, the advent of LinkedIn, job boards and social media reaching wider audiences and now AI promising to make the perfect matches between client and candidate.

The counter-offer dilemma

Congratulations! You’ve taken action to find a new job, improve your circumstances and another employer has recognised your talent and offered you a position with their organisation. The final step now is to inform your current employer, and there’s a good chance they’ll make you a counter offer to stay, but should you accept it or stick with your initial instincts?

4 point checklist when you’re being represented by a recruiter

Most people will try a number of options when job hunting, but if you decide to solely use a recruitment agency to save time and be provided with an overview of the marketplace, how can you be sure you’re dealing with a reputable and trusted consultant?

Four things every startup should be doing when looking for staff.

As a recruiter who works with startups and SMEs on a daily basis, I keep seeing people make mistakes that are easily avoided. Have a look at these 4 tips on what you can do to save yourself time and money.

Improve your interview process - 6 questions to ask yourself before interviewing candidates.

In an applicant lead market with a skills shortage, businesses need to ensure they’re not only doing everything to attract the best talent, but also that they aren’t making any mistakes in the interview process. This can either be hiring the wrong people or letting the good ones slip through the net.